Sovalacc | Providing customized services backed by our global partner network
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Societal Valorisation Accelerator

bridging the gap between business and knowledge.

Sovalacc BV has the network and expertise to identify concrete, multi-billion Euro unmet market needs in healthcare and the business experience to set up consortia of academics and industry to develop solutions therefore. Based upon thorough market analyses a business case is constructed from the to-be developed products, and the business case in turn forms the basis for milestone financing of the development process.

Projects of Sovalacc do not focus on a single developing party but rather on a cluster of industry, academics, investors, end users and healthcare professionals. The end-users and financers (e.g. health insurance) are involved in an early stage as experts and co-funding partners.

Sovalacc’s services contribute to the development of products that range from instruments and analysis methods to hardware, software and biotechnological innovations.

Sovalacc teams up with the collaborating parties and actively participates in workpackages (e.g. Horizon 2020) to ensure that targets are met and goals are achieved.