Sovalacc | Recent Projects
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Recent Projects

Based upon its expertise on tools for a societal impact of knowledge, Sovalacc has developed a proprietary module for coaching Early Stage Researchers on valorization projects in European Consortium Programmes.

Sovalacc and the Viroscience lab of the ErasmusMC conducted a study commissioned by the COGEM (Netherlands Commission on Genetic Modification) on the market penetration of recombinant vaccines, the types of vaccines that are used, and the expectations of producers regarding future introduction of novel types of genetically engineered vaccines.

FP7-Health participation in 2 projects,  CAM-PaC as well as ACTION, in execution.

Study on research priorities for the enhancement of historical consciousness and democratic citizenship by integrating popular and traditional cultural settings.  Publication on EuroClio.

Sovalacc has reinvested part of its proceeds in academic research. Mark van der Waal Msc is a doctoral researcher studying the roles of intellectual capital and intellectual property rights in organisational value creation processes. He has a specific focus on the pharmanutrition industry.